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Hi Shileos,

No doubt you've noticed that we've introduced new packaging. We gave both our Roooaaar rice and pasta a facelift in late 2021. Not only do the packs look more attractive, they are now more eco-friendly.

Plastic and good for the environment? Perhaps some of you are are a bit skeptical. However, plastic is a valuable commodity that can be recycled to make all kinds of new things. Our new packaging is 100% recyclable and can thus be returned to the raw material cycle. Sadly, this was not the case with our old packaging, which was made of paper and plastic.

Sustainability is a subject that is dear to our earts. Which is why it was hugely important for us that the packaging consist of mono-plastic with the "Made for Recycling" seal. Although, at first glance, paper packaging appears to be more sustainable, it can only be produced using wood, a resource that is already in short supply. In actual fact, every tree is vital, particularly in times like these.

According to the manufacturer, taking all relevant environmental indicators regarding production, filling, disposal and processing into consideration, our plastic packaging has an even lower carbon footprint than comparable paper packaging. Moreover, to minimize our carbon footprint in other ways, we take part in social and ecological projects on a regular basis, such as the agroforestry program organized by Trees for the Future.

We will continue to keep a close eye on our packaging and gradually switch all products accordingly.

Happy reading! Your Shileo team

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