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Shileo offers low calorie healthy, functional foods that are good for your body and your soul. In 2017, founders Anja Willms and Cyrille Gattiker wanted to develop meals that are substantial, yet contain very few calories. The key to their success is the use of 100% natural konjac glucomannan as the core ingredient in all of their products. This allows people from all across Europe to feel full after a meal, while making weight loss easier*. All Shileo products are ✓ vegan, ✓ gluten free, ✓ low in carbs, ✓ high in fiber, ✓ promote healthy digestion, do not contain ✗ artificial flavouring, ✗ artificial colouring, and have a ✓ long shelf life.

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You can find our Mission, our Future Vision, a description of the konjac plant, some scientific litterature and our Founding Story in the About Us section

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You can write us at for any question related to our company. We usually answer within 48h.

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