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We're a very small team and therefore it's difficult for us to be as responsive as we would like. We'll do our best, however please allow up to 2-3 business days for an answer if the matter is complex

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About Shileo

  • How can I contact you?
  • Please use our contact form, or write to us at
  • Does Shileo increase intestinal transit and digestion?
  • Our meals contain between 22.5 and 55.44g of fiber. Depending on your diet, especially if you have a general diet which is low in fiber, your body may need to get used to the increase in fibre intake, but this should soon pass. Please check each individual product page to see the exact value.
  • Where do I find recipes for konjac?
  • Here: recipes
  • What type of shipping do you offer?
  • We work with DHL, DPD and GLS. The three of them are not always available in each country. All our deliveries are made through registered mail. Please note that DPD deliveries are CO2-neutral (Read more).
  • Are there some allergens in your food?
  • We're completely allergen free. We don't use any of the 14 allergens listed in the EU Regulation 1169/2011
  • How much do you charge for shipping & handling?
  • For orders whithin Germany: 3.49€ if it's below 40€, else it's free. For orders from the rest of the European Unions EU: 7.50€ if it's below 70€, else free. For orders from Switzerland: 7.50€ for orders below 100€, else it's free
  • What is the taste of the Shileo konjac noodles and rice?
  • The konjac rice and noodles have a similar structure and taste to Chinese vermicelli. Our products don't have fishy smell, which is very often the case with konjac from competitors. Their natural taste is neutral, but any sauce, spices or herbs added to them will give them a nice flavour.
  • In which countries are you present?
  • We currently ship to the all EU countries + Switzerland
  • Why is it named Shileo?
  • It is a portmanteau of the first letters of the word "shirataki", the traditional Japanese noodles made of konjac, and the word "leo", which is not only an animal which stands for power and strength, but is also the Anja's (one of our two founders) zodiac sign.
  • Can I lose weight on Shileo?
  • In addition regular activity and an appropriate diet - absolutely! Shileo contains glucomanan, a fiber naturally present in konjac roots. Glucomanan can help you with weight loss as well as maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels (link)
  • Click here to see the full FAQ
Christina 01
4 months ago
OK this company is amazing. I purchased the konjak rice. I'm on a keto diet so thought this would be perfect for me. It was amazing ! Easy to cook and honestly the closest thing to actual rice I've tried so far. And I've tried alot of products. Egg fried rice is my favourite dish because frying the konjak rice makes it that bit more crispier and rice like. Anyway, delivery was fast, Communication too. The only thing I would say is that they should provide the booklet that is also delivered, in English as well as German.. for those who don't speak German. But it was easy to cook so it didn't make a difference THANK YOU SHILEO, I've ordered another set. :)
Sandy Sacher
11 months ago
Excellent support. Fast delivery. Low carb. Products are high quality (dried instead of preserved in liquid), very delicious and have the perfect texture when prepared as stated. Taste / texture can be compared with glass noodles (in my opinion). Thumbs up and 5+ stars :-) Keep going!
Caroline Autellet
11 months ago
I really enjoyed my order there. Very good communication with the team as I had a custom order to place. 5/5, will order again!
Antje Gallo
2 years ago
I have so far tried their rice substitute and am super impressed. Easy to prepare and very delicious. Can 100% recommend.
Ruslan Vorobyev
2 years ago
Great solution overall! Not only that it is on time, with nice customer support and so on, but the entire product is revolutionary for those who understands: you are what you eat, and wants to be healthy.