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Receive a monthly selection of your own customized selection. Subscribe to Shileo and get up to 15% off the single order price.

What are the advantages of a Shileo subscription?

Here are 4 reasons
Customise your monthly subscription according to your needs and wishes. If you need a little less one month, that's no problem. You can flexibly adjust your subscription up to four days before it is sent.
Eat healthy for the long term
Stick to a healthy diet. Thanks to monthly delivery, you'll always have a supply of our healthy side dish alternatives at home.
Benefit from attractive discounts
Save up to 15% off the regular price with the Shileo subscription.
Long and easy storage
Can't manage to eat all the products? No problem, Shileo products can be stored for up to 18 months without refrigeration.

Save with our subscription delivery

Receive regular deliveries of your favourite products without the hassle of re-ordering.

Subscription conditions:

  • A minimum term of 3 deliveries
  • Payment only possible by credit card and PayPal
  • Delivery only to the EU and Switzerland
  • Can be combined with other discounts on first order
  • Read our FAQchevron

This is how it works:

  1. Place the pasta and rice products for your monthly subscription in the shopping basket and click on the small shopping basket symbol at the top right of the page to complete your order. At the bottom of the order page, you will see the option "Savings subscription".
  2. Click on the tick and order the first delivery of your subscription.
  3. You will receive your subscription every month from the first order.

Frequent questions

These are usually the points that worry our customers
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Flexibly put together your subscription delivery!

With our delicious yet low-calorie products, eating healthy is easy.
Roooaaar Rice
Konjac rice, 210g
0 Packungen , 0 meals
€8.95 ➞ €7.61
Roooaaar Rice, 560g
Konjac rice, 560g
0 Packungen , 0 meals
€21.15 ➞ €17.98
Roooaaar Rice, 5kg
Konjac rice, 5000g
0 Packungen
€149.00 ➞ €126.65
Roooaaar Pasta
Konjac noodles, 210g
0 Packungen , 0 meals
€8.95 ➞ €7.61
Roooaaar Pasta, 630g
Konjac noodles, 630g
0 Packungen , 0 meals
€23.80 ➞ €20.23
Roooaaar Pasta, 3.125kg
Konjac noodles, 3125g
0 Packungen
€89.00 ➞ €75.65
Roooaaar Konjak
Konjac flour, 250g
0 Packungen
€11.90 ➞ €10.12
Bio Glucomannan
Organic glucomannan, 84g
0 Runddosen
€15.95 ➞ €13.56
You save: € 0.00
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Let's be open

We are completely transparent - you can trust us with each meal
Each and every meal has our seal of quality, as it's been assembled by us for you.

This product is:

This poduct contains less than 1 g carbs per 100g prepared
Fully vegan
We exclusively use vegetal ingredients in our products
Aids weight loss *
According to Commission Regulation No. 432/2012 of the European Union, konjac glucomannan helps maintain your weight.
Read more
Without artificial colouring & flavour enhancers
We consciously avoid artificial colouring and flavour enhancers. Discover the real taste of all our ingredients
Gluten free
We do not use any type of grain. This also helps us keep carbs to a minimum
Allergen free
This product does not contain any allergens
GMO free
Because who would want that?
Good for your cholesterol
Helps keep blood cholesterol levels normal.
Read more

This product is not:

Organic (no)
We work with organic ingredients whenever possible, but we cannot label ourselves organic. We hope to be able to have the label by mid of 2021
Kosher / Halal certified (no)
The cost for such a certification would be too great for us
Fully local (no)
The konjac plant only grows in tropical regions of Asia
Without preservatives (no)
Our dishes contain small amounts of calcium hydroxide. Our first change in future recipes will be to fully eliminate artifical preservatives
Let's improve together

If you have any remarks, recipe ideas, suggestions or opportunities for improvement, just drop us a line. Our community has inspired our dishes and we thrive on your feedback!

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