Why have the prices gone up?

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Why have the prices for the small packs of konjac noodles and rice gone up?

First the good news:
For the time being, the prices of our value packs of konjac rice and pasta, and all the rest of our products, haven't changed. We're doing our best to keep it that way for as long as possible.

However, you've probably noticed that the prices of our konjac rice and pasta in the small 210 g packs went up in July 2022.

We're well aware that our products weren't exactly cheap before and that price increases are difficult for all our customers.
Healthy eating shouldn't be expensive. Yet, as a small company, we have no other option. Why's that? We want to keep things as transparent as possible, so read on for our reasons.

Narrow margins for food products:
About four and a half years ago, we poured our heart and soul, not to mention our own capital, into launching Shileo. To finance Shileo and get the team set up, the two founders Anja & Cyrille worked double shifts until recently, virtually running Shileo on a part-time basis. Although the sales price probably seems a lot at first, only a small margin is left after deducting all the costs. Moreover, this margin has dropped to the bare minimum over the last year. So we were forced to raise the price of some of our products to ensure that Shileo continues to develop as a sustainable, healthy company.

Increased transport costs:
You've probably read about it in the media: delivery and transport costs have exploded all over the world. This is due to the rapidly rising energy prices and reduced availability, all of which leads to supply shortages. As the main ingredient of our products comes from Asia, we were heavily hit, not just by the delivery bottlenecks over several months, but also by price increases in the logistics sector.

Commodity prices:
Many raw materials are currently in short supply due to the rising demand in many countries, with production decreasing at the same time. Fixed prices are rare on the commodity markets, with companies having to buy at the daily rate, which again reflects current events.
This applies not just to the ingredients for our konjac rice and pasta, but also to the packaging we use.

However, the following tips will help you save with us in the long run, despite the higher prices:

Order value packs or sign up for our subscription:
If you bulk buy with our value packs or opt for repeat deliveries, you'll still save quite a bit compared to the small 210 g packs. You'll even get a better price than the small packs at the old price. Save up to 25% with our kilo packs. And as a positive spin-off, this avoids unnecessary packaging.

Subscribe to our newsletter:
We send out a newsletter with information, tips and discounts on a regular basis. You can sign up via this link or on our website. This way, you won't miss any special offers.

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